Fastest Growing NYC Startups?*

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By Shai
August 3, 2016

Although I’m famil­iar with Mat­ter­mark, I only recently started using the ser­vice.   As I got to play around with the func­tion­al­ity, I grav­i­tated towards the met­rics around num­ber of employ­ees and employee growth rate.

Given that startup rev­enue fig­ures aren’t pro­vided on any pub­lic data­bases that I’ve seen so far, the clos­est (but imper­fect) way to mea­sure the growth of a startup is by employee growth rate.  If a startup is doing well, gen­er­ally speak­ing, they are hir­ing.   This is a broad state­ment but true in most sit­u­a­tions. That being said, hir­ing a lot of peo­ple quickly, cer­tainly doesn’t equal suc­cess and in some instances have actu­ally dri­ven com­pa­nies out of busi­ness, due to spend­ing too much money, but that is an entire blog post in itself.

I set out a few para­me­ters in order to find the fastest grow­ing mid­size VC backed com­pa­nies HQ’d in NYC, here was the search criteria:

  • 100+ employ­ees
  • HQ’d in NYC
  • VC backed
  • Still pri­vate (haven’t exited)
  • 20%+ employee growth rate in the past six months
  • 2%+ employee month over month growth rate

The results (sorted by Employ­ees Month over Month Growth):

fastest nyc startups

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