Top 19 in 19: Renewable energy firms founded by women

April 15, 2019

Imag­ine you’re at the Yolo Coun­ty Fair in Sacra­men­to, Cal­i­for­nia in the ear­ly 2000’s. You wan­der the fair­grounds inhal­ing the smells of cot­ton can­dy, the live­stock and chili dogs in the air and enjoy the music from the Carousel. Next to a giant pump­kin, you see an exhib­it tent with a sign that reads “Sun­run” and the lady there man­ning the booth says to you:

Let’s cre­ate a plan­et run by the sun.”

Keep mov­ing, right? What a hip­py dip­py tree-hug­ging looney toon.

Well, if you had walked away, that would have been a mis­take. You would like­ly have been talk­ing face to face with Lynn Jurich, who went from telling fam­i­lies about solar pow­er at coun­ty fairs to becom­ing the co-founder and CEO of the largest ded­i­cat­ed res­i­den­tial rooftop solar com­pa­ny in the coun­try, Sun­run (Nas­daq: RUN).

Pio­neers in renew­able ener­gy have not had it easy.  Many of their ideas seem at first far­fetched and unre­al­is­tic.  How­ev­er, to solve big pro­grams like those fac­ing our pow­er grid, some­times the crazy ideas are the best ones.

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