Clean Technology

BrightSource Energy

Bright­source Energy, Inc. (for­merly Luz II) is a builder and oper­a­tor of renew­able power plants for indus­trial and util­ity cus­tomers in the United States.  The company’s energy gen­er­a­tion approach is based on solar-​​thermal cre­ated steam sup­ple­mented with gas, pro­vid­ing more sta­ble and more prof­itable power gen­er­a­tion for util­i­ties than other types of renew­able energy like wind, hydro and pho­to­voltaic. In addi­tion to DBL Part­ners, investors include Van­tage­Point Ven­ture Part­ners, Draper Fisher Jurvet­son and Mor­gan Stanley.

BrightSource Energy
1999 Harrison St., Suite 500
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 550-8161

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