Sustainable Products & Services


Yer­dle is rein­vent­ing the retail expe­ri­ence by enabling the friction-​​free exchange of durable goods through a shar­ing mar­ket­place. Yer­dle con­nects peo­ple who want to give away items to those who need them through a com­mu­nity fueled by gen­eros­ity with all mem­bers buy­ing and sell­ing goods for free, uti­liz­ing yer­dle cred­its received through giv­ing items. The pro­mo­tion of the reuse and recy­cling of house­hold goods sup­ports Yerdle’s mis­sion to reduce the durable con­sumer goods mar­ket by 25 percent.

In addi­tion to DBL Part­ners, investors include: Pre­lude Ven­tures, LLC, Mind­ful Investors, Pre­lude Trust, Clare­mont Creek Ven­tures, and The Westly Group.

401 York Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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