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DBL Partners — ImpactAssets 50 2016 Manager

February 14, 2017


ImpactAs­sets Releases Annual IA 50 Impact Invest­ment Fund Show­case FEBRUARY 14, 2017 - ImpactAs­sets has released its 2016 impact invest­ing show­case, the ImpactAs­sets 50 (IA 50), a free online resource for …
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Why Farmers Business Network Is One Of The Most Innovative Companies Of 2017

Fast Company
February 13, 2017

The farm­ing col­lec­tive is using big data to empower inde­pen­dent grow­ers and fight Big Ag. FAST COMPANY STAFF  Inde­pen­dent farm­ers face a seri­ous silo prob­lem. It’s hard to know which seeds grow best (or even what to pay for them—same with fer­til­izer and chem­i­cals) when you’re the only oper­a­tion for miles. So the three-​​​​year-​​​​old Farm­ers Busi­ness Net­work empow­ers grow­ers to har­vest …
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Trump May Not Like Alternative Energy, but Investors Should

The New York Times
January 6, 2017

Given what President-​​​​elect Don­ald J. Trump has said about his energy strat­egy — he favors coal and wants to end fed­eral sub­si­dies to the clean energy indus­try — does it still make sense to invest in wind, solar and other alter­na­tive sources of power? The answer is an emphatic yes, accord­ing to invest­ment advis­ers, who say clean energy com­pa­nies will con­tinue …
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Press Releases

FBN: Farmer2Farmer 2016

December 13, 2016


Farm­ers Busi­ness Net­work (FBNSM), the ground­break­ing inde­pen­dent farmer-​​​​to-​​​​farmer net­work, today announced the launch of major new tech­nolo­gies and ser­vices that expand the network’s agro­nomic intel­li­gence. FBN also launched its FBN
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OGE and EDF Announce Partnership for Off-​​Grid Solar in West Africa

November 15, 2016

Off Grid Elec­tric and EDF join hands in offer­ing a new off-​​​​grid solar power solu­tion for rural areas in West Africa First large-​​​​scale oper­a­tional part­ner­ship between a global energy com­pany and a lead­ing off-​​​​grid solar com­pany. Off Grid Electric’s expe­ri­ence in Tan­za­nia and EDF’s expe­ri­ence in South Africa shows that house­holds using these ser­vices have reduced emis­sions from kerosene and …
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PR NewsWire
September 20, 2016

Inter­na­tional Con­sor­tium to Pro­vide Grid Solu­tions for U.S., Canada SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Advanced Micro­grid Solu­tions (AMS) and Opus One Solu­tions (Opus One), announced today the devel­op­ment of a $16.4 mil­lion North Amer­i­can Micro­grid project at three util­i­ties in Canada and the US.  Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Tech­nol­ogy Canada (SDTC), will pro­vide $5.4 mil­lion in fund­ing to sup­port the project, designed to …
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