Romney Voters More Likely to Make Green Improvements

Fast Company Co. Exist

September 25, 2012

You read that right.  Accord­ing to a new sur­vey, Mitt Romney’s vot­ers are more likely than Obama’s to make energy sav­ing improve­ments.  Shocked? Don’t be.  DBL Part­ners’ own research backs up this data with our own find­ings that more green jobs can be found in Red-​​leaning states.

Some other high­lights from the survey:

  • Rom­ney votes are more likely to have installed low-​​flow toi­lets and bought energy-​​efficient appli­ances than Obama vot­ers. But Obama vot­ers are more likely to eat organic foods, unplug elec­tron­ics when not in use, and recycle–in other words, to make lifestyle changes.
  • Sav­ing money is the top rea­son to make green home improve­ments for both Obama vot­ers (84%) and Rom­ney vot­ers (87%). Obama and Rom­ney vot­ers also are in close agree­ment on other rea­sons to make these changes: improv­ing fam­ily health (60% vs. 54%, respec­tively) and help­ing Amer­ica become less depen­dent on other coun­tries (50% vs. 47%).
  • Obama vot­ers, how­ever, are much more likely to cite con­cern for the planet (58%) as a rea­son to make green home improve­ments com­pared to Rom­ney vot­ers (27%).