Charity and Investment Should Work Together

The New York Times
December 30, 2014

By Sonal Shah:  When it comes to our great­est social and envi­ron­men­tal chal­lenges, let’s first ask: What prob­lem are we try­ing to solve? Once we know where we’re headed, we can bet­ter under­stand which meth­ods and resources are most needed. Char­ity and social enter­prise both have crit­i­cal roles. Increas­ingly, we are see­ing the ways char­ity and social enter­prise and invest­ment can work together effec­tively – along with smart gov­ern­ment pol­icy – to drive real and last­ing change.

… In the United States, social enter­prises like Rev­o­lu­tion Foods pro­vide healthy meals to chil­dren in schools. All of these social enter­prises are cre­at­ing new mar­kets where char­ity alone is not suf­fi­cient and the mar­ket has failed.

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