PowerGenix Nickel-Zinc Battery Passes Critical Testing for 12V Automotive Use

Institute of Automotive Technologies Dresden (IAD) Validates Benefits of NiZn Battery Technology for Stop-Start and Auxiliary EV Applications

Market Wired
June 9, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired — Jun 2, 2015) - Pow­er­Genix, the lead­ing sup­pli­er of high per­for­mance, auto­mo­tive Nick­el-Zinc (NiZn) bat­ter­ies, today announced it has com­plet­ed a com­pre­hen­sive prod­uct eval­u­a­tion test plan with Insti­tute of Auto­mo­tive Mecha­tron­ics GmbH (IAM), a part of the Insti­tute of Auto­mo­tive Tech­nolo­gies Dres­den (IAD), at the Tech­nis­che Uni­ver­sität Dres­den (TUD). IAD eval­u­at­ed NiZn per­for­mance capa­bil­i­ties to meet all the require­ments of a 12V aux­il­iary pow­er unit for plug-in hybrid elec­tric (PHEV) and all-elec­tric vehi­cles (EVs), as well as a 12V starter bat­tery for stop-start applications.

The unique cost and per­for­mance advan­tages of NiZn over oth­er advanced chemistries make it an extreme­ly promis­ing alter­na­tive for 12V lead-acid bat­ter­ies in elec­tric vehi­cles and stop-start appli­ca­tions,” said Pro­fes­sor Bernard Bäk­er, Man­ag­ing Direc­tor at IAD. “This inde­pen­dent tech­nol­o­gy assess­ment is a key step in endors­ing NiZn bat­tery per­for­mance gains for use in PHEV and EV appli­ca­tions, as well as future stop-start mod­els, for major auto­mo­tive OEMs.”

With up to 200 per­cent more usable ener­gy and 30 per­cent low­er weight and vol­ume, NiZn offers unique ben­e­fits over lead-acid bat­ter­ies as a replace­ment for 12V aux­il­iary sys­tems in PHEVs and EVs. Weight car­ries a high pre­mi­um in these vehi­cle archi­tec­tures, which in turn impos­es lim­i­ta­tions on their all-elec­tric dri­ving range capa­bil­i­ties. Fur­ther­more, NiZn con­tains over 90 per­cent recy­clable mate­ri­als, with no lead or rare earth metals.

Major glob­al auto mak­ers are work­ing towards adopt­ing NiZn for their 12V stop-start vehi­cle appli­ca­tions, which are one of the most cost-effec­tive and effi­cient means of opti­miz­ing fuel econ­o­my. Cur­rent esti­mates put stop-start effi­cien­cy improve­ments at approx­i­mate­ly 5 per­cent, while next gen­er­a­tion sys­tems with NiZn may achieve sav­ings as high as 8 per­cent. With low­er weight, sig­nif­i­cant­ly improved ser­vice life and high sus­tained charge accep­tance, NiZn is an ide­al alter­na­tive to lead-acid, offer­ing fur­ther fuel econ­o­my improvements.

Euro­pean auto mak­ers in par­tic­u­lar are push­ing the entire indus­try toward greater elec­tri­fi­ca­tion through their com­mit­ment to sus­tain­able inno­va­tion,” said Salil Soman, Vice Pres­i­dent of Prod­uct Mar­ket­ing for Pow­er­Genix. “Fur­ther, the use of lead-acid bat­ter­ies in Europe is under a tem­po­rary exemp­tion from an EU man­date look­ing to com­plete­ly ban the use of lead in auto­mo­biles, and will like­ly be reg­u­lat­ed in the future. NiZn is the only viable alter­na­tive solu­tion when this leg­is­la­tion changes, and we look for­ward to work­ing togeth­er with our cus­tomers to meet the demand for bet­ter per­form­ing, cost-effec­tive, and non-tox­ic bat­ter­ies in this sector.”

About Pow­er­Genix

Pow­er­Genix is the lead­ing sup­pli­er of high-per­for­mance, low-cost nick­el-zinc bat­ter­ies for auto­mo­tive, indus­tri­al and sta­tion­ary stor­age appli­ca­tions. Pow­er­Genix nick­el-zinc bat­ter­ies are a supe­ri­or alter­na­tive to lead-acid and oth­er advanced chemistries, offer­ing increased per­for­mance, greater ser­vice life and improved recy­cla­bil­i­ty, which leads to low­er costs over their entire ser­vice life.

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