SolarCity donates time for drought

Portervillle Recorder
June 3, 2015

72 employ­ees donate day of labor to PACC

 There are more ways to help those suf­fer­ing from the drought than donat­ing water and money. Offer­ing time and ser­vices is another option, and 72 employ­ees from SolarCity did just that Thursday.

Employee vol­un­teers from SolarCity came from as far as Stock­ton and Bak­ers­field to clean up and orga­nize the Porter­ville Area Coor­di­nat­ing Council’s (PACC) water station.

The group’s day began with a tour of drought-​​stricken East Porter­ville on two city buses. Then the vol­un­teers gath­ered at the water sta­tion at the inter­sec­tion of Date Avenue and Plano Street to hear about the work PACC vol­un­teers have been doing, and to break into groups to orga­nize bot­tled water dona­tions, pull weeds and per­form other tasks.

Elva Bel­tran, direc­tor of PACC, and her son Freddy Bel­tran Jr., a vol­un­teer, dis­cussed the drought-​​relief efforts, which have been under­way since August.

Bel­tran Jr. spoke of a fam­ily that paid $20,000 for a new well but then didn’t have any money left for the plumb­ing. Bel­tran Jr. and vol­un­teers con­nected the family’s home to the well.

After the tour, sev­eral mem­bers of the group expressed their shock at the suf­fer­ing the drought has caused.

When I was dri­ving around in this, I was actu­ally think­ing this was a Third World [coun­try],” said Brady Ander­son of Stock­ton. “I was won­der­ing why is this not a fed­eral dis­as­ter? That’s what really gets me.”

Sonia Chavez, a Solar City account man­ager who lives in Porter­ville, is the per­son respon­si­ble for Thursday’s clean-​​up event. Chavez approached Elva Bel­tran ask­ing how her com­pany could help.

We wanted to do some­thing for the com­mu­nity,” Chavez said. “In my own back­yard we have a drought prob­lem and I wanted to bring aware­ness to the community.”

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