The Muse Wants to Connect Millennials with Pro Career Coaches

November 5, 2015


When mom and dad’s job advice won’t cut it

Millennial-​​focused career site The Muse, which counts model and entre­pre­neur Tyra Banks among its investors, launched a career coach­ing ser­vice on Thursday.

Called Coach Con­nect, the new offer­ing will pro­vide users with access to pro­fes­sional career coaches, who offer ser­vices like resume review and edit­ing, career Q+As via phone or Skype, and per­son­al­ized job search or net­work­ing plans. The Muse, which will take a cut of the fee paid for each ses­sion, has cre­ated a tiered pric­ing model where coach­ing is priced from $75 per hour up to $500 per hour, depend­ing on the expe­ri­ence of the coach and the ser­vice provided.

The cur­rent mar­ket [for per­son­al­ized career help] is frag­mented,” says CEO and co-​​founder Kathryn Min­shew, not­ing that peo­ple often just ask friends and fam­ily for advice, despite know­ing that their per­sonal cir­cle may not have the right exper­tise. Even those who decide to hire a pro may just go to Google to find him or her. Min­shew is hop­ing The Muse will become a “more trusted and effi­cient” source of pro­fes­sional help.

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