BrainScope Announces Publication Describing Proprietary Concussion Biomarker to Assess Potential Severity and Predict Prolonged Recovery

January 15, 2019

Future Capa­bil­ity Could Aid in Objec­tive Return-​​to-​​Activity Decisions

Brain­Scope®, a med­ical neuro-​​technology com­pany focused on con­cus­sion and mild trau­matic brain injury (mTBI) assess­ment, announced today that researchers have pub­lished pre­lim­i­nary results related to a multi-​​modal con­cus­sion assess­ment capa­bil­ity for poten­tial sever­ity and like­li­hood of pro­longed recov­ery from con­cus­sions. Pub­lished in the peer-​​reviewed jour­nal Com­put­ers in Biol­ogy and Med­i­cine, the paper enti­tled, “A mul­ti­modal bio­marker for con­cus­sion iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, prog­no­sis and man­age­ment” describes a study which enrolled 568 con­cussed and matched con­trol patients between the ages of 13–25 from 29 col­leges and 19 high schools. Sub­jects were tested at the time of injury and at mul­ti­ple time points dur­ing recovery.

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