Stephen and Ayesha Curry Officially Launched Their New Eat​.Learn​.Play Foundation

July 18, 2019

Stephen and Ayesha Cur­ry offi­cial­ly launched their new Eat​.Learn​.Play Foun­da­tion, with Rev­o­lu­tion Foods as a key part­ner. At the kick­off event in down­town Oak­land today, we pro­vid­ed healthy meals for 1400 Oak­land youth and part­ners and host­ed a “taste the rain­bow” acti­va­tion as the key food part­ner for the foundation.

Rev­o­lu­tion Foods is so proud of this part­ner­ship, through which Stephen and Ayesha Cur­ry have fund­ed us to pro­vide healthy break­fasts for all Oak­land sum­mer campers through­out the sum­mer as well as to host com­mu­ni­ty meals week­ly in neigh­bor­hoods across Oak­land. We will be issu­ing our press release ear­ly next week (the Foun­da­tion want­ed this week’s press focused on the Eat​.Learn​.Play press release and launch) but want­ed to share this excit­ing news with you hot off the press.