Nancy Pfund’s New Investment Strategy Involves Forests and Funerals

One of Tesla’s early investors has a comprehensive plan to set business to work for conservation.

By Eric Roston and Brian Eckhouse
December 2, 2020

When out in search of crazy ideas that might just change the world, Nan­cy Pfund—founder and man­ag­ing part­ner of DBL Part­ners and an ear­ly Tes­la Inc. investor—some­times runs across plain-old crazy ideas.

Then there was the idea behind Bet­ter Place Forests, which pro­tects pri­vate­ly owned trees from becom­ing casu­al­ties of future devel­op­ment by offer­ing them as bur­ial sites, where loved ones’ cre­mat­ed remains help fer­til­ize liv­ing, grow­ing things. “We’ve seen some unusu­al pitch­es in our time,” Pfund said of her team’s ini­tial 2016 meet­ing with the com­pa­ny. “And this one was way out there.”

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