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Apeel CEO talks fighting a global $2.6 trillion food waste issue

July 7, 2020

Food waste today is this invis­i­ble tax that’s been posed on our food sys­tem to the tune of $2.6 tril­lion annu­al­ly,” Apeel CEO James Rogers said.

The realities of powering through Covid-19 in Africa, with ZOLA Electric

Power Technology
July 7, 2020

While African economies devel­op, diesel gen­er­a­tors and micro-grids are prop­ping up unre­li­able grids across some of the world’s most pop­u­lous nations. Since 2012, ZOLA Elec­tric has aimed to fix these prob­lems. CEO Bill Leni­han told us how this works on …
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Andela goes fully remote and opens to the wider continent

Tech Crunch
July 1, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic, remote work­ing has become the name of the game for knowl­edge work­ers in the tech indus­try. Today, a start­up that was an ear­ly mover on the oppor­tu­ni­ty of that mod­el is announc­ing some …
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Stephen and Ayesha Curry Officially Launched Their New Eat​.Learn​.Play Foundation

July 18, 2019

Stephen and Ayesha Cur­ry offi­cial­ly launched their new Eat​.Learn​.Play Foun­da­tion, with Rev­o­lu­tion Foods as a key part­ner. At the kick­off event in down­town Oak­land today, we pro­vid­ed healthy meals for 1400 Oak­land youth and part­ners and host­ed a “taste the rain­bow” acti­va­tion as the key food part­ner for the foun­da­tion. Rev­o­lu­tion Foods is so proud of this part­ner­ship, through which …
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DBL Partners and ZOLA Electric Announce Nigeria Expansion at Global Climate Action Summit

September 11, 2018

MEDIA RELEASE San Fran­cis­co, CA (Sep­tem­ber 11, 2018) — DBL Part­ners and its port­fo­lio com­pa­ny ZOLA Elec­tric (“ZOLA”), for­mer­ly Off Grid Elec­tric, today announced a Glob­al Cli­mate Action Sum­mit pledge …
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Urbansitter & RubyRibbon: New Data Shows Women Love Their Side Hustles and It’s Not All About the Money

September 7, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7, 2018 /​​PRNewswire/​​ — A new sur­vey of more than 1,000 women with side hus­tles reveals that the top three rea­sons women choose inde­pen­dent work are: flex­i­bil­i­ty (44 per­cent), income (38 per­cent) and entre­pre­neur­ship (25 per­cent). Com­mis­sioned by BabyQuip (www​.babyquip​.com), Ruby Rib­bon (www​.rubyrib​bon​.com) and Urban­Sit­ter (www​.urban​sit​ter​.com) “Women in the Gig Econ­o­my 2018” pro­vides an in-depth look at …
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