Tesla Model S Wins “Automobile of the Year”

  Amer­i­ca’s Lead­ing Auto­mo­tive Lifestyle Mag­a­zine Picks Mod­el S as the Best New Car for 2013Tes­la Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) announced today that Mod­el S, the world’s first pre­mi­um elec­tric sedan, […]

BrightSource Raises $80M More for Concentrating Solar Power

Full arti­cle from Green​tech​Me​dia​.com is here.   Eric Wesoff, Her­man Tra­bish: Octo­ber 24, 2012   Bright­Source Ener­gy, a con­cen­trat­ing solar ther­mal tech­nol­o­gy firm, just announced that it raised more than […]

When Resources are Scarce, Why so Much Food Waste?

We’re lucky to live in a coun­try that takes its food sup­ply for grant­ed.  The clos­est any of us get to expe­ri­enc­ing an actu­al food short­age isn’t real­ly com­pa­ra­ble to […]